The Story of the Trees

This amazing adventure is brought to you by: Babycakes3013

Book I

Rain drops lightly dripped down my long black hair. The pink and purple sky slowly turned black. I was still walking in the woods trying to find my sister’s doll.

I suddenly heard someone whistle. I looked behind me … nothing. As I kept walking I heard tiny voices. I ran as fast as I could, gasping for more air.

“Stop!” said a small voice.

I paused, doing what I was told. I looked up and down, pondering the idea that a tree was talking to me.

Suddenly another voice said, “You are special.”

I thought I was dreaming… I settled down against a tall brown oak.

Finally, it was morning. I dusted off my pants and started trying to find my sister’s doll again.

The faint whistle of a mocking jay echoed through the trees. The sun started to slowly peddle down the sky.

I heard the voices once again.

I had a quick flashback of my mother fretting that I’d get lost. I stopped for a quick break. I settled down against the only sycamore tree in the whole forest.

“Hello,” said a child-like whisper from the trees’ canopy.

My heart stopped, but I replied with a simple hello.

“Follow the trees,” the voice whispered. “There, you will find a box holding the wood’s amulet. Listen for the highest voice to guide you.”

I jumped up and stood there in shock.

My heart pounded; I debated if the tree was actually talking to me or if I was just going crazy.

The voices were amazing, just like the tree had told me they would be.

I listened to each one but no high voice appeared. A few hours later I heard the highest voice out of the whole forest.

“Look down,” whistled the highest tree.

I kneeled to the hard ground, noticing something glimmer in the darkness. A diamond shaped box lay at my feet, flickering like a candle in the wind. I ran my finger across the sculpted wooden top, marveling at the detail of the simple sycamore tree in the upper right hand corner.

I cautiously opened the box … no amulet was there.


  1. Wow! What a great story! I love all the description. Trees are one of my very favorite things :) I hope there's more to come. I'm eager to see what happens with the amulet!!!

    1. Thanks Hope i'm working on my second book. boy are you in for a suprise!

  2. I love it babycakes1303