Thursday, May 23, 2013

Writing Rocks! Hits the Publishing World!

Our 4th and 5th grade writing club hit a new high yesterday as we published our works on Smashwords. Most of the writing, revising, editing, and basic formatting was done by none other than our amazing kiddos! I'm so proud of them!

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How to make your own blog

Hello my Neipchens!
Mrs. Isaacs here, and I wanted to explain how to make your own blog. We can work on the blogs at school, but, unfortunately, the firewall won't let me create blogs, and so below you'll find step-by-step instructions on making your blog.

If you are still confused and need help, bring me your email address and password. I'll take it home, and create a default blog and then we can work on the design of it at school. If you create a blog at home, please make sure that you know your URL, email address, and password so you can get on it at school to change things around. I'm working on a scroll widget with all of your blogs, so we must have a grab button for everyone and all the blogs set up before summer starts! :-)

How to create your own blog:
Make a gmail email address.
Click on the "Create a Blog" button on the top right corner of this blog. There you will be taken to
a page that looks like this:

That will take you to a page that looks like this:
The final step creates the blog. Remember, we need your URL, your email address and password in order to work on it here at school!
Comment if you have a question, and I'll comment back when I check!
Have fun, and remember, your voice matters!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Arcade and Restaurant All in One!

Ding, cling, and WA-bang went the games blaring from the back of Gatti Town. This restaurant not only serves food, but is an arcade too. In the front of the building there is a buffet, which has pizza, desserts, and salad there are also cheesy breads and pasta. These can be eaten in two different areas.

One eating area is for kids and families in the area they show movies rated G and PG. In the other area for parents and adults they watch sport shows like ESPN and,ect. The rest of the building is dedicated to an arcade where you can play games like skeeball, basketball, and reality TV shows. The cost for 2 year olds and younger is free, 3-4 years old is 3.99 , 5- 8 years old is 5.99, 9-12 years old is 6.99, 13-59 year old people is $7.99,and 60 + is $6.99.

I like Gatti town because of the cool games, for instance, “Deal or no Deal,” “Fruit Ninja,” and Bumper cars. I also like the desserts on the buffet line. Some of my favorites are: cinnamon buns, chocolate crème, cinnamon sticks, and apple dumplings. One last reason I like Gatti town is because of the very kind employees. If you like to give great service and need a good job, then this is a good job for you!

However, there is a few things I’m not very fond of. One is the junky prizes you get for over 50 tickets. It makes me mad when the strings break on the bracelets, dream catchers, and purses. Another reason is that it is almost always crowed, and anytime I’m there I never get to sit in the kids’ movie area. One last reason I dislike Gatti town is because of the credits needed to play each game. Some games need 290,000 credits to play, which is too much for my liking!

While the food is good, the crowded space and cheap prizes deserves 3 stars!

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Eating at Roosters

Roosters is a great place to eat. When my family went there it was delicious. They have wood tables, games, TVs, food, and more.

I liked this restaurant because the food tasted great. I got wings and chicken. My brother got the same thing. When I tasted the chicken it was awesome. If you go there then you would love the wings and chicken.

When I went in there we had to wait, which I didn’t like because I was starving. And I really didn’t like the wings. They tasted weird. The taste was soy sauce and pepper. It was awful! I knew I didn’t want any more. But then my dad tasted it and he ate them instead.

Overall, Roosters is a great place to eat. I give this restaurant five paws. 

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Cracker Barrel

When you first walk in you are surrounded by toys and gifts of all shapes and sizes. Can you guess where I am? Well, you probably don’t know that I am actually waiting in line at the restaurant Cracker Barrel. The restaurant Cracker Barrel is my favorite restaurant because they serve amazing breakfast and dinner food. I also like Cracker Barrel because they have a gift shop filled with toys. Because of all these great things Cracker Barrel has, it is a very popular restaurant.

There are some positive and negative things about Cracker Barrel. One positive thing about Cracker Barrel is that is has amazing food like I said. Cracker Barrel serves pancakes, biscuits, chicken, and many more food items. The delicious food Cracker Barrel serves is why I like the restaurant so much.

A negative thing about Cracker Barrel is that it takes a long time for them to serve your food. But, when your food gets to your table, you realize that it was worth the wait. Cracker Barrel is usually packed every day of the week.

I recommend this restaurant to whoever loves amazing breakfast and dinner food. I give this restaurant 5 paws.            

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The Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of Time

In the land of Hyrule, deep inside a vast forest, lived the Kokiri children. Each one had a fairy partner. But there was one boy without a fairy…

*Spoilers Ahead*

That child’s name is Link, the character you play as in this game. The game starts off with a cutscene of a fairy named Navi and a talking tree that tells this little fairy to go find the “boy without a fairy” and bring him back. That tree is called the Great Deku Tree, the guardian of Kokiri Forest. Navi will fly off to find Link, who is currently having a prophetic nightmare. Along the way, your partner-to-be will bump into a fence, I

I like this game because it’s fun and has quite a selection of Easter eggs in it. Easter eggs are hidden things in the game. For example, Talon at Lon Lon Ranch looking similar to Mario and having a Bowser pendent just like his daughter Malon (she sings and always has her hands covering the Bowser Pendant). Another example is when you go to the shooting gallery and attempt to get a piece of heart, even though it takes a few tries to do it unless you’re a pro at using the fairy slingshot and fairy bow. Instead of a piece of heart as an adult, however, you will get a big quiver instead.

But, there are some things I don’t like. After you complete the main game, Master Quest mode will be unlocked. I tried it, and the MILLISECOND I stepped into the Great Deku Tree, I was attacked by gohma larva and INSTANTLY died. Master Quest is IMPOSSIBLE! Also, the ENTIRE WORLD of Hyrule is reversed. In main story mode your friend Saria’s House is to your right, making it confusing, and so is everything else. If you want to do Master Quest, have somebody else do the main story mode, otherwise you get too used to things. One more dislike: Master Quest’s enemies are TWO TIMES harder than in the main story! At least the Wikipedia for this game has a section for Master Quest. One last thing: glitches. First off, a glitch is something that happens in a game that’s not meant to happen. You can skip getting your “four-legged friend” in Lon Lon Ranch as an adult. However, that is only a minor one. There are BIGGER glitches, like falling off the map, or getting the hook shot as a child. Oh, and if you go left of Hyrule Castle, you can activate a glitch where you must QUIT THE GAME to get out. To do so you must have bombs and a bottled fairy. Lower your health until one bomb can kill you, and then let it blow up. You will fall in the hole, and die in water. The bottled fairy will revive you, but you’ll be swimming FOREVER. Then, you have to quit the game. Here’s one my friend Lollipop222 told me have happen to her older sister: suicidal Link. Link is going to ON HIS OWN—her sister was not able to do ANYTHING—FLY UP IN THE AIR and blow himself up with a bomb. Her sister said “Okay, suicidal Link…” which is pretty weird. I have the 3DS remake, and NOTHING like… THAT has ever happened to me. No glitch has ever activated on me. Miamoto, the game’s creator, probably found this in the old version of the game and got it fixed. I give this game—what a shocker since I give most things five —four paws.
thought was pretty funny. Anyway, once she gets in Link’s house, Navi wakes you up to take you to the Great Deku Tree. Once you get to the entrance of the Great Deku Tree’s Meadow, the bullying jerk faced so called “boss” of the Kokiri named Mido will tell you that you need a sword and a shield to pass. Basically he’s saying “You shall not pass!” So, you will have to go to the forest training center, go through a “hole of ‘L’” and pretend like Link is Indiana Jones to find the Kokiri Sword. Then, collect rupees (Hyrule’s form of currency) to buy a Deku Shield. Now, talk to Mido again and he will, jealously and jerkily, let you pass. Then you can finally help the Great Deku Tree! After you solve all the puzzles, go to the boss of the dungeon, Gohma. Once your task is finished, inform the tree that let you inside and he will tell you to go to the castle of Hyrule to meet Princess Zelda. After you do that (and admire the Mario paintings/Mario scene in the window to the rightJ) you go through 2 more dungeons, pull the sacred sword in the Temple of Time, go through 5 temples and defeat the main boss, you can enjoy the ending credits. Congrats, you beat The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lil Wayne Rocks!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a singer or a rapper? Have you ever thought about being famous, or what it would be like to have millions of dollars? Well, if you thought about any of them, you would want to be this person.

Lil Wayne is a very famous person making 100s of songs and raps. Some songs are Lil Wayne mirror, Lil Wayne no worries, Lil Wayne my homey still, and a lot more. Lil Wayne even played in videos not made by him. In 2007, Lil Wayne had 77 songs on the billboard hot 100 chart. In 2008 he got a Grammy award for best rap album.

In my opinion, I think Lil Wayne is one of the best rappers and singers. His rhythm and lyrics are cool and I could listen to it all day. My most favorite song Lil Wayne made is Lil Wayne mirror. If you’re looking for good songs that make you want to drum on just about anything, than Lil Wayne is the artist for you. I give Lil Wayne five rapping paws.

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