Friday, March 29, 2013

Cracker Barrel

When you first walk in you are surrounded by toys and gifts of all shapes and sizes. Can you guess where I am? Well, you probably don’t know that I am actually waiting in line at the restaurant Cracker Barrel. The restaurant Cracker Barrel is my favorite restaurant because they serve amazing breakfast and dinner food. I also like Cracker Barrel because they have a gift shop filled with toys. Because of all these great things Cracker Barrel has, it is a very popular restaurant.

There are some positive and negative things about Cracker Barrel. One positive thing about Cracker Barrel is that is has amazing food like I said. Cracker Barrel serves pancakes, biscuits, chicken, and many more food items. The delicious food Cracker Barrel serves is why I like the restaurant so much.

A negative thing about Cracker Barrel is that it takes a long time for them to serve your food. But, when your food gets to your table, you realize that it was worth the wait. Cracker Barrel is usually packed every day of the week.

I recommend this restaurant to whoever loves amazing breakfast and dinner food. I give this restaurant 5 paws.            

Posted by: Musiclover101


  1. Musiclover101 I think you did a great job with punctuation and you had a great engaging lead. You did a super job!