Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Arcade and Restaurant All in One!

Ding, cling, and WA-bang went the games blaring from the back of Gatti Town. This restaurant not only serves food, but is an arcade too. In the front of the building there is a buffet, which has pizza, desserts, and salad there are also cheesy breads and pasta. These can be eaten in two different areas.

One eating area is for kids and families in the area they show movies rated G and PG. In the other area for parents and adults they watch sport shows like ESPN and,ect. The rest of the building is dedicated to an arcade where you can play games like skeeball, basketball, and reality TV shows. The cost for 2 year olds and younger is free, 3-4 years old is 3.99 , 5- 8 years old is 5.99, 9-12 years old is 6.99, 13-59 year old people is $7.99,and 60 + is $6.99.

I like Gatti town because of the cool games, for instance, “Deal or no Deal,” “Fruit Ninja,” and Bumper cars. I also like the desserts on the buffet line. Some of my favorites are: cinnamon buns, chocolate crème, cinnamon sticks, and apple dumplings. One last reason I like Gatti town is because of the very kind employees. If you like to give great service and need a good job, then this is a good job for you!

However, there is a few things I’m not very fond of. One is the junky prizes you get for over 50 tickets. It makes me mad when the strings break on the bracelets, dream catchers, and purses. Another reason is that it is almost always crowed, and anytime I’m there I never get to sit in the kids’ movie area. One last reason I dislike Gatti town is because of the credits needed to play each game. Some games need 290,000 credits to play, which is too much for my liking!

While the food is good, the crowded space and cheap prizes deserves 3 stars!

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