Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Because of Mr. Terupt

"Because of Mr. Terupt" is about seven kids (Pere, Jessica, Luke, Alexia, Jeffery, Danielle, and Anna) who have a new teacher, Mr. Terupt, at their school.

Pere is a troublemaker/prankster. Jessica is the new girl who is smart. Alexia is a bully. Luke is smart. Danielle is shy and fat. Anna is shy, and her best friend is her mom. Jeffery hates school. And Mr. Terupt is an energetic teacher who makes school fun. And then one winter day an accident happens. Find out when you read the book. I would recommend this to students in grades 3rd-5th. I give this book 5 paws!

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  1. soccerqueen here I have never read that book but I think it looks good. Love the post